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The Australian and New Zealand Ombudsman Association (ANZOA) is the peak body for ombudsmen in Australia and New Zealand.


ANZOA membership is personal to the Ombudsman. In ANZOA, the term ombudsman includes people who perform the same independent role in positions such as Complaints Commissioners. Our members come from not-for-profit industry-based, parliamentary and other statutory external dispute resolution offices, which meet accepted high standards of independence, impartiality and effectiveness and observe the Benchmarks for Industry-Based Customer Dispute Resolution (the CDR Benchmarks). Republished in February 2015, the CDR Benchmarks are now in two parts and available from the website of The Treasury, Australia: Principles and Purposes and Key Practices ANZOA was incorporated on 22 May 2003 under the Associations Incorporations Act 1981 (Victoria) [Incorporation No. A0044196B]. ANZOA's Rules

in 2010, ANZOA began a public ongoing campaign for stronger controls on use of the term ombudsman Read more


Co-operation, communication, exchange, best practice standards, public awareness
1 Establish an Australian and New Zealand Ombudsman network

2 Establish a network for consultation and discussion of areas of interest, concern, or common experiences

3 Promote co-operation and communication between recognised industry, parliamentary and professional ombudsmen and their offices

4 Promote the appropriate use of the title of ombudsman in both the public and private sectors

5 Accord recognition publicly to those persons who satisfy the defined criteria for membership of the Association

6 Enhance the status and visibility of recognised Ombudsmen and the importance of the profession

7 Formulate and promote standards of best practice to be met by ombudsmen and their offices in the performance of their duties, including the adoption of the Benchmarks for Industry-Based Customer Dispute Resolution Schemes, or equivalent

8 Provide a forum for the exchange of information and opinions on aspects of ombudsman practices and procedures

9 Encourage and facilitate joint initiatives among recognised ombudsmen and their offices, including but not limited to, research, publication of information, professional development, staff training, case management/ information technology systems and community education

10 Promote public awareness of the services offered by recognised Ombudsmen schemes, including through the publication of papers, articles, and commentaries, and through the promotion of lectures, seminars and conferences about Ombudsman practices and procedures

11 Make and disseminate reports, commentaries and submissions on aspects of Ombudsman practices and procedures

12 Develop and foster links with overseas Ombudsmen and Ombudsman associations

13 Promote excellence in complaint handling through alternative dispute resolution methodologies.

14 Co-operate with institutions of academic learning, and with other persons having an interest in Ombudsman practices and procedures in promoting the objects referred to in 1 to 13 above.


2018 Executive Committee

Judi Jones, Australia (Chair)

Philip Field, Australia (Secretary/Treasurer)

Cynthia Gebert, Australia

Wayne Lines, Australia

Michael Manthorpe, Australia

Peter Shoyer, Australia

Nicola Sladden, New Zealand

Karen Stevens, New Zealand

Janine Young, Australia

The Executive Committee is supported in its work by a Secretariat.

ANZOA members

(with links to the websites of their offices)


Michael Barnes, NSW Ombudsman website

Richard Connock, Tasmanian Ombudsman website

Sandy Canale, Energy & Water OmbudsmanSouth Australia website

Chris Field, Western Australian Ombudsman website

Philip Field, Lead Ombudsman - Banking & Finance, Financial Ombudsman Service website

Cynthia Gebert, Energy & Water Ombudsman (Victoria) website

Deborah Glass, Victorian Ombudsman website

Treasure Jennings, Public Transport Ombudsman Victoria website

Judi Jones, Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman website

Wayne Lines, South Australian Ombudsman website

Michael Manthorpe, Commonwealth Ombudsman website

Jane Pires, Energy & Water Ombudsman Queensland website

John Price, Lead Ombudsman - General Insurance, Financial Ombudsman Service website

Peter Shoyer, Northern Territory Ombudsman website

June Smith, Lead Ombudsman - Investments and Advice, Financial Ombudsman Service website

Shane Tregillis, Chief Ombudsman, Financial Ombudsman Service website

Raj Venga, Ombudsman & CEO, Credit & Investments Ombudsman website

Janine Young, Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW website

New Zealand

Judge Peter Boshier, Chief Ombudsman, Office of the Ombudsman website

Nanette Moreau, Commissioner, Utilities Disputes Ltd website

Nicola Sladden, Banking Ombudsman website

Karen Stevens, Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman website

Susan Taylor, CEO, Financial Services Complaints Limited website

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