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Staff interest groups

a benefit of the Ombudsman's ANZOA membership

Staff interest groups

The participants in ANZOA's interest groups are staff working in similar operational roles across the offices of ANZOA's members. The groups listed below meet regularly through a mix of teleconferencing/videoconferencing and face-to-face meetings. Participants are directly nominated by their Ombudsman.


Complaints Management

Complaints handling best practice, challenges and strategies, receipt to closure

Vulnerable consumers

Ombudsman approaches and initiatives for dealing with this issue

Indigenous Engagement

Improving complaint handling practices and procedures for Indigenous people

Information Technology (IT) for Business

Digital delivery for Ombudsman offices, from a customer service point of view

People & Development

Approaches to Ombudsman office staffing and staff development

Policy & Research

Ombudsman office policy work  and research

Public Relations & Communications

Programs, activities, strategies to promote Ombudsman offices and engage audiences

Systemic Issues & Investigations

Ombudsman office policies and processes relating to systemic issues


Having been nominated by their Ombudsman, staff taking part in the various interest groups also have access to ANZOA's intranet for interest groups, a library of resources from all of the groups. Log in here

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