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Highlighting aspects of the work of the offices of ANZOA members

The Ombudsman (ANZOA newsletter) November 2019

Delivering improved outcomes

Abolition of 'spit hoods' in youth detention

Big-picture view of complaints on the way

Taking a 'whole of journey' view

Improving NSW government agencies to handle complaints

Consumer awareness

Robots 'Rodney' and 'Lydia', our new employees you'll want to meet

Implementing OPCAT

Memorandum of Understanding with Thailand on bilateral cooperation

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The Ombudsman (ANZOA newsletter) May 2019

Responding to vulnerability

The right thing to do

Access to Indigenous language interpreters

Aboriginal Action Plan

Ensuring we're known and accessible
Conduct and culture in the New Zealand financial sector: responding to consumer vulnerabilities

Multiple strategies reach more consumers

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The Ombudsman (ANZOA newsletter) November 2018

Fairness of process and outcome

Ensuring procedural fairness

Public transport accessibility: an issue of fairness

Putting fairness into action though an outreach program

Transparency and fairness for people in places of detention
Fairness of outcome through dealing with systemic issues

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The Ombudsman (ANZOA newsletter): March 2018

Checks and balances - the Ombudsman's role

Casting an eye to our horizons

Independent review

Under scrutiny - the operation of infringements notices provisions

Reportable conduct scheme for employment-based child protection

Small steps towards a big goal

Supporting Queenslanders in remote communities

Gaining local knowledge helps to understand and resolve disputes

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The Ombudsman (ANZOA newsletter): June 2017

The Ombudsman and systemic issues

Treatment of systemic issues by the NSW Ombudsman

A whole of office approach to consumer issues and complaint reduction

Exceptional decision-making

Strengthening trust

Agency apology for wrongful conduct

Inaugural Aboriginal Action Plan

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The Ombudsman (ANZOA newsletter): December 2016

Ombudsmen – we're here to help

Better complaint handling for NSW

Being upfront about integrity

Improving public administration through education

Crimes of Torture Act – the use of mechanical restraints in New Zealand prisons – overview

Advocating regulatory reform for debt management firms

Family violence

FOS Australia visits Darwin and the Tiwi Islands

An abuse reporting function for the Defence Force Ombudsman

It’s OK to complain, we’re here to help

2015-16 annual reports

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The Ombudsman (ANZOA newsletter): June 2016

The Ombudsman in Australia: One model; many applications

Keeping an eye on international developments

The expectations of our users

Natural justice and the notion of a 'fair go'

Intersecting roles and responsibilities

Skilling staff and builiding a profession

Technology opportunities and challenges

Measures of performance

The rights of the vulnerable

Access for Indigenous communities

Ombudsman - made to last

Latest Ombudsman reports and guidance

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The Ombudsman (ANZOA newsletter): December 2015

Using the term Ombudsman

Strengthening government safeguarding policy - South Australian Ombudsman

Building public awareness- Victorian Ombudsman

Reflecting on 20 years - Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman New Zealand

Accessibility: it's not always so easy - Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria

Homeless Connect -  Ombudsman Western Australia

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The Ombudsman (ANZOA newsletter): March 2015

Public interest disclosure scheme - Commonwealth Ombudsman
Affordability report - Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria)

A strategic response to tackling energy affordability - Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW

Developing and testing a resource kit for intermediaries in remote Indigenous communities - Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

Working on a number of projects to make it easier for people to access our services - Victorian Ombudsman

Raising the bar for an effective complaint management system with a new standard - Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner New Zealand

Protecting children and preventing family and domestic violence is best undertaken as both a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency endeavour - Ombudsman Western Australia

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