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The Ombudsman | May 2019

Responding to vulnerability

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Access to Indigenous language interpreters

Aboriginal Action Plan

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Conduct and culture in the New Zealand financial sector: responding to consumer vulnerabilities

Multiple strategies reach more consumers

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Australia: Ambulance Victoria to make fees for treatment without transport fairer

Victorian Ombudsman - May 2019

Ambulance Victoria has agreed to Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass’s recommendation that it stop charging people $532 for ‘treatment without transport’ when an ambulance is called by a third party. Tabling her Investigation of a complaint about Ambulance Victoria in the Victorian Parliament, Ms Glass said Ambulance Victoria issued 17,758 invoices for treatment without transport in the 2017-18 financial year. Her office’s review of 120 of these cases found some ‘questionable practices’. “There were people being invoiced for ambulances called by well-meaning friends or strangers where transport wasn’t required,” Ms Glass said. “Neither the Good Samaritan caller, nor the injured party, expect to receive a bill.
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Australia: Quarterly report on trends in energy and water complaints

Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) - May 2019

Reports on case trends and on cases arising from two recent major customer protection initiatives: EWOV's extension to embedded networks and the new Victorian Payment Difficulties Framework. 

Australia: Public Transport Ombudsman (PTO)'s first annual Accessibility Bulletin

Public Transport Ombudsman, Victoria - April 2019

The bulletin looks at some of the accessibility challenges that Victorians face on public transport, and the ways in which the PTO works to help make public transport better for everyone.  The Accessibility Bulletin is the first in a series of three annual bulletins to be released this year. Later in 2019 the PTO will publish bulletins on Customer experience and Regional travel.


Australia: Not good enough - Fines Victoria’s errors and delays create anxiety and frustration for Victorians

Victorian Ombudsman - April 2019

Victorians have had their licences wrongly suspended or been treated as if they are liable for fines when they have committed no offence, due to Fines Victoria’s errors and delays, the Victorian Ombudsman has found. Tabling her report on Fines Victoria complaints in the Victorian Parliament, Ombudsman Deborah Glass said her office had been inundated with complaints about the new fines body since its establishment in late 2017.


New Zealand: New Official Information Act guides

Office of the Ombudsman New Zealand - April 2019

The New Zealand Ombudsman has published two new OIA guides on the commercial and negotiations withholding grounds, and one guide on how the OIA applies to information about public tender processes. All guides are supported by detailed case studies. A fourth guide provides information about how to consult third parties before making a decision on an OIA request.




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