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The Ombudsman | December 2016

Ombudsmen – we're here to help

Better complaint handling for NSW

Being upfront about integrity

Improving public administration through education

Crimes of Torture Act – the use of mechanical restraints in New Zealand prisons – overview

Advocating regulatory reform for debt management firms

Family violence

FOS Australia visits Darwin and the Tiwi Islands

An abuse reporting function for the Defence Force Ombudsman

It’s OK to complain, we’re here to help

2015-16 annual reports

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Australia: Report about asbestos

NSW Ombudsman - April 2017

The Acting Ombudsman, Professor John McMillan, urges the Government to properly fund initiatives to protect the NSW public from the dangers of asbestos. Those particularly at risk are DIY home renovators and some

regional Aboriginal communities.

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Australia: Apology Report
Victorian Ombudsman - April 2017

‘Sorry’ seems to be the hardest word: Victorian Ombudsman calls for apology law reform. The Victorian Government should consider amending the law to allow public agencies to apologise for mistakes without fear of legal repercussions, according to a new report by the Victorian Ombudsman.

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Australia: Six-monthly public transport complaints

Public Transport Ombudsman Victoria - April 2017

Case studies, major issues

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New Zealand: A question of restraint

Office of the Ombudsman - March 2017

The Chief Ombudsman's report into the management of prisoners at risk of suicide and self harm finds that the use of restraints on five prisoners amounted to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment under the Convention Against Torture.

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Australia: Roxby Council – Maladministration in public administration

Ombudsman South Australia - March 2017

The Ombudsman found that the council and the former Administrator committed maladministration in that various direct engagements resulted in substantial mismanagement of public resources.

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Australia: Affordability Report

Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) - March 2017

Quarterly trends in cases about affordability, payment plans and supply disconnection/restriction

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Australia: Items of interest for the Complaints, Accountability, Integrity Network

Northern Territory - March 2017

CAIN Update (March 2017) - Articles and reports from around Australia and overseas

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Australia: Report on youth justice

Victorian Ombudsman - February 2017

The Victorian Ombudsman has tabled a report on the state’s youth justice facilities to give Parliament and the public an insight into recent events and to illustrate how the relevant oversight agencies are holding government to account.

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New Zealand: Unfair terms in insurance contract changed

Financial Services Complaints Ltd - 2017

A complaint to FSCL has resulted in an insurer changing unfair contract terms – but not for the reason complained about.

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Australia: Changes to the ICAC and Ombudsman Acts

Ombudsman South Australia - January 2017

The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2016 came into operation on 16 December 2016, although the commencement of some of the provisions has been suspended until a subsequent proclamation or delayed until 1 April 2017. The amending Act achieves a number of changes. Of relevance to this Office is that it has changed the way the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) refers to the Ombudsman matters raising a potential issue of misconduct or maladministration in public administration and changed how the Ombudsman must deal with a referral.

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New Zealand: First release of OIA statistics

Office of the Ombudsman - January 2017

The Chief Ombudsman has today published comprehensive data about Official Information Act (OIA)  complaints. This first release covers the six months to December 2016 and future releases will happen every six months.

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Australia: Ombudsman releases a report into the processing of asylum seekers who arrived in 2013 on a suspected illegal vessel

Commonwealth Ombudsman - January 2017

Commonwealth Ombudsman Colin Neave today released an own motion report into the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s processing of asylum seekers who arrived on the suspected illegal entry vessel Lambeth in 2013.

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Australia: Ombudsman releases two investigation reports relating to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Commonwealth Ombudsman - January 2017

Commonwealth Ombudsman Colin Neave today released two own motion reports into the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The first report relates to the administration of section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 and the second report outlines an investigation into Bridging E visas being cancelled following criminal charges.

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Australia: New Ombudsman appointed

Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland - December 2016

Appointment of Jane Pires.

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Australia: Consumer news (financial services)

Credit & Investments Ombudsman - December 2016

Topics in this issue:

  • financial counsellors conferences
  • FSPs filing police reports
  • systemic issues
  • recent case studies
  • withdrawn complaints,
  • quarterly statistics, and more

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