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As the peak body for ombudsmen in Australia and New Zealand, ANZOA draws on the experience of its members and their offices to contribute to public policy consultations.

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The offices of all ANZOA members publish an annual report. Many offices also publish public interest, investigation and systemic issues reports, regular newsletters and case studies/case notes.  Some quick links follow.


Parliamentary Ombudsmen

Commonwealth Ombudsman (AU)

Annual reports  Investigation reports  More reports under publications


Office of the Ombudsman (NZ)

Annual reports  All reports   Case notes


Victorian Ombudsman

Annual reports   Parliamentary reports


Northern Territory Ombudsman

Annual reports  Public reports 


NSW Ombudsman
Annual reports  Other reports & submissions


Ombudsman Western Australia

Annual reports   Ombudsman's reports


Ombudsman Tasmania

Annual reports  Investigation reports


Ombudsman South Australia

Annual reports   Investigative reports


ACT Ombudsman

Annual reports   Investigation reports


Other statutory ombudsmen
Taxation Ombudsman (AU)

Annual reports


Industry-based Ombudsmen

Banking Ombudsman Scheme (NZ)

Annual reports   Case notes


Credit & Investments Ombudsman (now part of AFCA)

Annual Reports   Case studies


Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria)

Annual Reports  Issues & trends reports   Case studies   Systemic issues


Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW

Annual reports   Stakeholder reports   Case studies   Systemic issues


Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland

Annual reports   Case studies 


Energy & Water Ombudsman South Australia

Annual reports   Case studies


Energy & Water Ombudsman Western Australia

Annual reports 


Energy Ombudsman Tasmania

Annual reports  Case studies


Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AU)

Annual review   Comparative reporting


Financial Complaints Ltd (NZ)

Annual Reports   Case studies


Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme (NZ)

Annual reports  Case studies


Public Transport Ombudsman Victoria

Annual reports   Accessibility report   Case studies   Systemic issues


Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (AU)

Annual reports   Case studies   Systemic issues


Utilities Disputes Ltd (NZ)

Annual reports & six-month statistics   Case notes

Research and other papers

A selection of papers on the Ombudsman function





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