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Ombudsmen in Australia and New Zealand

ANZOA is the peak body for Ombudsmen in Australia and New Zealand.

Membership is personal to the Ombudsman


Current ANZOA Members

Natalie Cameron, Lead Ombudsman - Banking & Finance, Australian Financial Complaints Authority website
Sandy Canale, Energy & Water Ombudsman South Australia website
Richard Connock, Tasmanian Ombudsman website
Emma Curtis, Lead Ombudsman - Insurance, Australian Financial Complaints Authority website
Chris Field, Western Australian Ombudsman website
Cynthia Gebert, Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman website
Heather Gray, Lead Ombudsman - Superannuation, Australian Financial Complaints Authority website

Ann Jorgensen, Ombudsman, Public Transport Ombudsman Victoria website

David Locke, Chief Ombudsman, Australian Financial Complaints Authority website
Richelle McCausland, Ombudsman, National Health Practitioner Ombudsman website

Neil Mallon, Commissioner & Chief Executive, Utilities Disputes New Zealand website

Paul Miller, NSW Ombudsman website
Karen Payne, Taxation Ombudsman Australia website
Jane Pires, Energy & Water Ombudsman Queensland website
Suanne Russell, Lead Ombudsman - Small Business & Transactions, Australian Financial Complaints Authority website
Shail Singh, Lead Ombudsman - Investments & Advice, Australian Financial Complaints Authority website
Peter Shoyer, Northern Territory Ombudsman website
Nicola Sladden, Banking Ombudsman New Zealand website
June Smith, Deputy Chief Ombudsman, Australian Financial Complaints Authority website
Karen Stevens, Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman New Zealand website
Emily Strickland, South Australian Ombudsman website
Susan Taylor, Financial Ombudsman, Financial Services Complaints Limited New Zealand website
Catherine Wolthuizen, Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) website
Janine Young, Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW website

ANZOA's Executive Committee 2023-24

Chair: Karen Stevens
Secretary/Treasurer: Janine Young
Committee members: 
Cynthia Gebert, Peter Shoyer, Jane Pires, June Smith, Susan Taylor, Catherine Wolthuizen
ANZOA Secretariat: 

ANZOA offers eight interest groups for the staff of its Members.

These groups provide opportunities for sharing and support among staff from the offices of ANZOA Members, who perform similar roles and who might otherwise work in relative isolation.
Our interest groups share a dedicated intranet.